About Us

IMG_7147Hi, I’m Elise, a physical therapist by training and stay-at-hotel mom! My husband was offered a unique opportunity to travel around the world, family in tow, consulting as an engineer wherever his company sends him for the next few years. Our assignments last anywhere from a few weeks to a year. Although our home base is Chicago, we do not have a home or apartment, so we have been living in hotels for over two years!

I enjoy reading, swimming, running, and cooking when I get the chance. My husband, Austin, enjoys wrestling with our boys, organizing our lives into spreadsheets, and keeping everything in our lives running smoothly.

Our oldest son, Landon is a rambunctious four-year-old that loves adventures and digging in the dirt. He is a pro at getting free treats and candies from people and loves buses, cars, and trucks.
We recently added another boy to our brood- a sweet baby boy named Owen. He is growing up way too fast and enjoys trying to play with his brother, and eating. Lots of eating!
I hope to share our journey around the world with the family-friendly activities we have found along the way. Every so often, I’ll post some travel tips and tricks that we have gleaned from our life of constant travel and hotel living.
Welcome to our crazy traveling life! Feel free to contact us with questions, comments or suggestions for future posts!


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