Natural History Museum of Utah- Salt Lake City, Utah

IMG_0305 While I was in physical therapy school at the University of Utah, there was construction on the side of the Wasatch mountains just east of my school building . I left Utah before the museum construction was completed, but was thrilled to make it back to check it out with my dinosaur-loving boys! The Natural History Museum of Utah on the University of Utah campus in Salt Lake City is full of dinosaur models and skeletons, interactive exhibits, and tons of information about the myriad of dinosaurs that have been discovered in Utah. My boys were enthralled with the variety of dinosaur bones, and learned so much about dinosaurs- which is saying something for these dinosaur experts! IMG_0310

IMG_0313Along with the large dinosaur exhibit, we also learned about weather and climate, how the land was formed in Utah, looked at the parts of a cell and Rocky Mountain animals in the Life exhibit, and studies early peoples as well as the Native Americans that called Utah home. I really appreciated the care taken to design a museum that catered to children as well as adults. Interactive and interesting activities for every age group were interspersed in the exhibits at perfect intervals to engage my five and two-year-olds. I learned something too! 

The sand and water erosion table was a huge hit!

IMG_0328 We were accompanied to the museum by two aunts! We’re so lucky to have family in Utah! It was fun to see Auntie Em in her home town and play with her at the museum. Aunt Mariah was our host for our week in Utah and we had a great time meeting her baby! We took a break from the exhibits to explore the outdoor terraces of the museum. Since it is built into a mountainside, there were multiple levels of beautifully landscaped terraces with outdoor placards and activities for kids. We took a snack break and admired the amazing view of the Salt Lake Valley and the changing leaves!IMG_0334


We found the Natural History Museum of Utah to be a wonderfully family-friendly excursion in Salt Lake City. It would be great for a rainy or snowy day activity, or when the winter inversion kicks in and air quality does not allow for outdoor activities. We easily spent three hours perusing the exhibits, and this was with small children, a baby and no special exhibitions included. They are constantly putting on fun programs and events for kids and families, so check out the program calendar before visiting!




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