Thomas the Train! at the Colorado Railroad Museum

IMG_7178 Thomas the Tank Engine special events always intrigued me, but not enough to brave the crowds of preschool boys clambering for a glimpse of real life Thomas. Well, when Thomas came into town when we were visiting Grandma and Grandpa in Denver, we decided it was a perfect opportunity to try out this event with a little extra adult back-up. Both my boys love Thomas and were the perfect age to enjoy all the activities at almost two and five. The event was held at the awesome Colorado Railroad Museum.


By the time we decided to go and bought tickets, many of the time frames were sold out. Because my boys are early risers, we opted for the earliest train ride possible. Because of the big day, parking was located at a remote location and buses ran every 10-15 minutes to take groups to the museum. We caught one of the earliest buses and retrieved our tickets from will call in no time. We had a few minutes to admire the other historic trains in the yard before Thomas chuffed up and we climbed aboard! The boys were excited!



IMG_7203 After our fun ride around the museum railroad tracks, we posed for pictures and checked out the other activities set up especially for this event. We found everything to be well-organized and labeled so we didn’t miss any activities. We also found that by going earlier, the lines were shorter for most activities and by the time it was getting really busy, we were all done and ready to go home!

Model train exhibit with a Thomas the Tank Engine to spot!


IMG_7219The boys’ favorite station was the train table tent. I always laugh when the kids gravitate to the toys and things that they already have at home at a special event like this. There were more than enough train tables to go around, but not enough engines, in my opinion. We did our best to share with other kids, but it just is not as much fun to drive a single engine around the train table instead of a longer train.

Owen loved the petting zoo!

IMG_7239 Volunteers from a model train organization was on hand to show kids how to drive the model trains. Of course, Thomas was on the front of this particular train with some of his other friends. The line was so short on this one that Landon did it several times. The fire department was also on hand with a truck for the kids to explore. That’s always a hit with little boys!IMG_7249IMG_7256Our last activity was in the main building where Landon made a very elaborate train hat out of markers and paper.  He spent a lot of time working on it, both at the museum and at home. There were so many bonus activities along with all the historic trains, model train exhibits, and kid play area that are a regular part of the Colorado Railroad Museum.

We had so much fun at the special Thomas the Train event! I was skeptical about how much fun it would be with the crowds, but going early and doing the train ride first gave us plenty of time to participate in all the other activities. There were also photo-ops with Sir Topham Hatt and a special stamp passport card. If we visited all the activities, we received a prize of a few Thomas plastic bracelets on our way out. I’m not sure if this is something that we will do each year, but it was a great day out with Thomas!



One thought on “Thomas the Train! at the Colorado Railroad Museum

  1. Glad you had fun! We went to the IL railway museum when they came in July. My son is pretty Train and Thomas and Percy obsessed but refused to get on the train. The only kid out of thousands freaking out and crying. I think it was the loud whistle. We regrouped and watched it from afar. His fav thing was all the signals they have there, and the model trains. I’d probably go again, but would be ready to not go for a train ride.


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