Teh Dar- Traditional Vietnamese Show

 Our road friends came back from a weekend trip to Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam raving about a show they went to. I knew I wanted to check it out if we ever had the opportunity- and we did have a short window- on our way back from vacation! We flew from Bangkok to Ho Chi Minh, spent the night, and then flew back to Chicago the next day. That night, Landon and I went on a date to see Teh Dar, a traditional Vietnamese acrobatics/dance/music show. Think lower budget Cirque de Soleil in the historic Saigon Opera House. This opera house is somewhat awkwardly plunked in the middle of Ho Chi Minh city in a busy intersection. This stately building was built in 1898 by a French architect. The inside was really cool, but perhaps a little tired-looking. It was still one of the nicest historic buildings we have seen in Vietnam!

Image may contain: 2 people, including Elise Brown, people smiling, closeup and indoorWe bought a special adult-child ticket combination. This would have been a family affair, but the minimum age for the show was 5 years old. When we arrived, there was a short reception with tea, other drinks and snacks outside of the main theater. I was a little nervous about Landon sitting still for the whole performance, but he did great!  The performance was engaging and exciting the entire time with great music, captivating dance performances and amazing acrobatic skills. The performance ended and all of the dancers paraded out to the foyer and played drums and other musical instruments while we looked on.  I can’t think of a better way to cap off our time in Vietnam.

Teh Dar and other amazing performances from Lune Productions are showing at Hanoi Opera House, Saigon Opera House, and Hoi An. If you’re in the area, seek out one of these performances for a taste of traditional Vietnamese music and dance!


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