Re-entry Update: Month 8

So some of you may already know, but things have changed a lot in our family the past few months, leading to a terrible lag in my travel-related posts. I have just a little bit more to share about our wonderful trip to Thailand, and leaving Vietnam. We also just returned from an adults-only week in Costa Rica, which was SO AMAZING! I will have much to share about that. But, the main reason I’m writing this update is to say: we have been in our new house for about six months now, and it’s currently on the market- to be sold. Our wandering was not QUITE over.  WHHHAAATTT???!!!?

Yeah, that’s pretty much my reaction as well. Just as we were getting settled into our new life, with routines and part-time employment for me, and little sports leagues and kindergarten and home decor and home-cooked meals and all the other wonderful things we had missed so much, Austin received a message from a friend. It was an invitation to apply for a job. My initial reaction was a dramatic fall to the floor while screaming, “NOOOO!!!” But, we have learned that taking advantage of opportunities that are placed in front of us, although not necessarily the most comfortable thing, is often the courageous and best thing to do. So, Austin applied and ultimately received a good offer from a new company. The catch: we’re moving WAY south to San Antonio, TX.

Austin has already started work and loves his new work environment. We’re simultaneously house hunting, staging our own home for sale, and trying to keep up with work, family and church responsibilities. It is a crazy change, considering we had just settled in for a highly anticipated period of comfort and stability, but ultimately I think it will be for the best. Although I am devastated to leave friends, co-workers, and clients in the Chicago area, I’m interested in what new adventures lie ahead. Right before this all transpired, I prayed. I was reading about another refugee crisis, and church leaders urging us to pray for ways we can help out from afar, as well as in our own communities. I distinctly remember saying, “I’m here, send me to the people you need me to help.” And now I guess I’m needed in little Pleasanton, TX. I LOVE my job in that as a pediatric PT in people’s homes, I get to support families, whatever they look like, and try to help them have a happier life. I hope that even in a small town of 7,000 people, I will find opportunities to help others. I am also the most excited for my boys to be able to play outside virtually every day. That has always been a dream of mine, and my boys will be so happy to not be cold anymore!

So, we will continue to wander. We’ll start by doing an All-American road trip from Chicago to San Antonio. What are some of your favorite stops along the way? We’d love to see as much as possible as we migrate!


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