Dinosaur Planet Amusement Park- Bangkok

IMG_9663 In our original travel plan, we had a 24-hour layover in Bangkok. When the airline tickets we wanted were sold out, we decided to stay an extra day in Bangkok. This was our first time in Bangkok, so we knew we wanted to spend the whole day exploring the iconic temples along the river. When we landed, we had a few hours to do a short activity in the afternoon. When I found Dinosaur Planet online, I knew we had to visit with our dinosaur-obsessed boys!

IMG_9649Let me first be clear, this place is NOT a natural history museum, and not a place I would recommend for adults in Bangkok. I was perplexed to see tourists without kids visiting this Dinosaur-themed amusement park. Tickets are 600/400 baht adult/child, but there are discounts available through the website/app Klook. We took the BTS a few stops from our hotel, and walked to the park, which is in an area of big malls, golf courses and fancy hotels. There are several attractions at Dinosaur Planet, but it only took us about two hours to do everything and get ready for the live show.

When we first walked in, we were immediately ushered into a 4D theater where our time travel machine was attacked by realistic holograms of carnivorous dinosaurs. It was really loud, and the seats shook and rumbled as the dinosaurs tried to get us inside the ride. Owen (not yet two) was freaked out, but Landon loved it! Next, we went into the main attraction, which seemed like it was an ordinary museum hall with a few fossils and copies of fossils and information about the dinosaurs, although it was mostly in Thai. A guide walked us through each part of the museum, and we ended up in a genetics “lab” where I couldn’t really understand exactly what they were explaining on all the placards, except that they had figured out how to re-grow dinosaurs today!

IMG_9655 All of a sudden, a screen on the window raised and we saw “scientists” incubating and hatching dinosaur eggs. This is where the amusement park vs. museum piece came in. They were explaining about the dinosaurs in Thai when suddenly, the room started shaking, lights flickering, and Momma dinosaur comes up to the window, unhappy that her babies were in the lab without her! Again, my not-quite-two-year-old was really scared, and my five-year-old LOVED it!IMG_9656IMG_9658 IMG_9664There were a few snippets of learning along with all the fun. We enjoyed looking at the World Map of dinosaurs, because being from the USA we don’t really know all the dinosaurs that lived in Asia! There were even a few fossils of dinosaurs from Thailand!

IMG_9667IMG_9679Next up, we slowly wandered through the “Stars of Dino” garden, complete with moving, animatronic dinosaurs. They stayed still until we got close, and then started moving. That freaked everyone out! Austin was trying to convince Owen that they were harmless, but as you can see from the picture sequence, he wasn’t sure whether to laugh or cry. The culminating scene of this dino garden was an epic fight between T-rex and Spinosaurus, the largest carnivorous dinosaur. At this point, Landon got legitimately scared as they started roaring at each other loudly and moving. He kept shouting at me to move away before I got eaten!

IMG_9681 IMG_9682

IMG_9689 IMG_9697In another super freaky attraction, we waited in line, then entered into a storage container command center with a few other people. This was kind of like laser tag, but instead of having guns, we were just trying to avoid the dinosaurs that had broken free from their cages while finding some special device that the people running the dinosaur detention center needed. No photos were allowed in the attraction at all, but we knew there were dinosaurs on the loose! I thought perhaps it would be some more animatronic dinosaurs popping out from the storage containers. Nope, even better than that, it was a person, dressed up as a big dinosaur, chasing us around the place! We weren’t sure whether we should do it with the kids, but I think they had fun trying to out maneuver the dinos.

IMG_9698 IMG_9705 We weren’t sure what to expect from the “7D Amazing Park,” but basically we stood on a stage as a family and looked up at the screen at ourselves, surrounded by moving wild animals! It was neat when the cheetah ran right for us! The whole attraction was only two minutes long, and then there were of course photos for sale at the end. Not worth it in my opinion.


Each attraction at the park was sponsored by a different corporation, which I thought was a little weird. Dino Farm had two main activities- dinosaur riding and digging in the sand for fossils. We don’t like to pay extra for things inside attractions where we’ve already paid money, but both boys REALLY wanted to go on a dinosaur ride so we allowed it. We figured this might the one time in their life to do so…IMG_9713IMG_9725The fossil digging was a little disappointing because there was not enough sand in the pit to cover the fossils. Landon actually made me pile the sand up on some of the bones so he could dig and discover them. For dino rides, Landon chose an ankylosaurus, and did a pretty good job steering. Owen didn’t want to be left out, but I had to help him steer his triceratops. The dinosaurs go very slow so it was a safe, fairly cheap attraction.

IMG_9786 One of the reasons we decided to visit in the late afternoon was to attend the live show, “The Great Volcano and Extinction.” I had no expectations going in, but I thought the kids might like it. The park was pretty dead when we visited, but everyone there converged on the center stage for this show. We picked up some french fries and hot dogs for dinner beforehand at the snack bar. There was a full menu posted, but the only items they had for sale were hot dogs, cups of noodles and french fries. For the live show,  I was NOT expecting guys in dinosaur costumes to act out scenes from prehistoric times. We had a nesting triceratops pair, a few raptors, and a big giant T-rex all running around, roaring and fighting with each other. The sound effects were really loud, and the volcano erupted! We were pleasantly surprised by the show, and our kids loved it!IMG_9792


Dinosaur planet was the perfect kid-centric activity during our time in Bangkok. This is definitely a small amusement park, not a museum! Make sure to bring snacks in case the snack bar is not stocked, and plan to go in the late afternoon to end off your day with the live show! We had ample time to explore and visit all the attractions in about 2 hours before the show. Any more time and I think our kids may have gotten stir crazy/bored. It was not crowded at all when we visited mid-week in September, but I suspect on weekends in high tourist seasons this could be a hopping place! I recommend this place for dinosaur-obsessed kids and their parents only. There are so many other amazing things to see in Bangkok, don’t waste your time unless dinosaurs are your thing!


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