Tri Trang Beach, Phuket



Our travel plans in Phuket included several beach trips, because for one, all of us love the beach, and we knew we were coming back to the Chicago area where ocean beaches are far away. After returning from the Elephant Jungle Sanctuary, we felt like a nice relaxing afternoon at Tri Trang beach, about a 15 minute walk from our hotel, was in order. This beach is located in the same bay as Patong Beach, just on the south side of the bay.  We walked to the west end of the beach, which is closest to Phuket Marriott Merlin Beach, but less developed. The water was beautiful and clear, and the dry beach section was nice and sandy with shady trees for shelter. The water area was very shallow and outcroppings of sharp rocks and dead coral in the area where we first decided to wade made it not a very pleasant experience.

Buoys were placed in the water to mark out the swimming area. Speed boats, parasailing boats and jet skis from Patong beach occasionally sped past, so I think that the rope was to keep the swimmers separate from the boaters. Eventually, we decided to move further down the beach where more people were congregated. This beach was relatively secluded compared to Kata or Patong beaches, but there were still a few people wading. When we arrived, we found a nice swimming area with more sand and less rocks, which made for a nicer wading/swimming experience for everyone. We all enjoyed sand castle building, swimming, wading, and playing.

There were no services at Tri Trang beach. No water, no bathroom, no food, no towels. So, make sure to bring everything you need when you visit! Pack extra sunscreen and sun protection. By this, our third day on Phuket, we called Austin a thrice-baked lobster because he was so sun burnt, even with multiple applications of sunscreen! Because we hiked east on the beach to find a better swimming spot, we decided to try to circle around back to the hotel on a different route. Oh man, it was a hard, long uphill hike for us and our hungry/thirsty kids! I’m not sure if it would have been harder or easier to go back the way we came, but it was a really hot afternoon after a long day in the sun and it was difficult going to make it back with our boys, even with incentives of ice cream when we reached the convenience store by the hotel!



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