Week 8 Re-entry update- In Our New Home!

Dear readers, sorry for falling off the face of the earth for a few weeks. It’s truly been a blur and a crazy few weeks. Last update, we had not yet closed on our house. I flew to Utah with my boys for a long weekend to meet my first niece, and then flew back and we closed on the original house that we liked first. There were some question marks- we needed to get radon abatement, and the fireplace is inoperable, but the house was recently updated and remodeled, which we discovered was more along the lines of what we wanted. We looked at a few real project houses, and contemplated taking one on, but with our limited skill set, and all of the changes our family is experiencing just being back in the United States and staying in one place, I’m SO glad we chose this house. Another small hiccup was that two bedrooms were downstairs and two upstairs. So, Landon would have to sleep downstairs by himself, and I didn’t know if he would be OK with that. Turns out, he loves having his own space and has no issues being down there.

So, we moved in about three weeks ago. We did our closing,which went so smoothly compared to all the negotiations leading up to it, and started moving boxes from our storage unit that day. We moved a few loads over before the weekend and then had friends from church help us move the rest of our stuff on the weekend. I worked day and night unpacking and organizing for about a week, then started on time sensitive projects like raking all the leaves in our yard and washing, sanding, and re-staining our exterior wooden stairs, which ended up being so much more of a project than I ever anticipated. We went from having literally nothing to do after the kids went to bed (besides lay silently in bed in the dark and blog because they were sleeping only a few feet away) to really utilizing those uninterrupted hours to fold laundry, clean floors, and unpack and organize junk. Austin took on projects of his own, his main one so far being adding more insulation to the attic and building some storage platforms for some of our stuff. So he’s up in the attic every night and I’m currently moving on to decorating. We have so many little knick knacks from around the world, so figuring out how to display them all in a tasteful way is going to be a process, but I’m willing to take my time this time to make things cohesive. That means selling the stuff I don’t like, and finding things I do like.

The boys are having a great time in our house. We’ve had to install a top lock on the back gate so they stay in the backyard, and I still lose Owen in our house sometimes, but having their own spaces and all of their books and toys is great! I LOVE having access to laundry whenever I want. Laundry was one of my biggest stressors when moving to a new place. Hotel laundry was usually too expensive, so I would go wander around until I found a cheaper laundress.

We took care of internet, car and home insurance right away, along with changing our address with each individual company. We couldn’t do a mail forward from Austin’s work, We trick-or-treated in our new neighborhood and were greeted by some neighbors. I love our new home and the tree-lined streets with Landon’s school and parks nearby. I miss the traveling so much, but as we settle in and I see how our boys are thriving in our new home and new circumstances I know it was the right choice for our family right now.s


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