Me Land in Zibo’s MixC Mall

20170620_162742 Mix C mall in Zibo is only two years old, and so all of the shops and equipment in the mall still look brand new! They really went all out in the children’s play indoor play places, and the price reflects it. From the outside, Me Land looks like every kid’s dream play place. There was a digging area, ball pits with slides going into them, tents, a train ride, bumper cars, Legos, pretend play areas, and more!


Not just any digging area- this super duper awesome digging area!

20170531_112743The price board was very confusing, and in Chinese. I decided that each of three areas were priced separately. Landon wanted to do the digging area AND the front play area with the train on our first trip, so I used my highly advanced miming skills to ask for a ticket. I assumed that since Owen is under 2 years old, he would be free. Well, a misunderstanding occurred in which they thought Landon just wanted to dig, and I had bought the front play place ticket for Owen. So, they split up my kids and I followed Owen. After some confusion, I went up to the front and paid for a ticket into the front area for Landon was well. By the end of it, I spent over $40 on Me Land! The larger front and back areas were 108 rmb each, and the digging area was 68 rmb. The one saving grace was that the ticket was good all day, and we could leave and come back as long as it was for less than an hour. So, we paid out the nose, but the boys had a blast playing literally all day from 10 am-5 pm in a giant play area with so much to do. With all of our traveling, our toy selection is quite limited, so the boys were in heaven doing dress up, playing with Legos, doing the ball pit and more!


20170531_105208The cheapest way to do  Me Land is to buy a membership card or a multiple entry card. Had I known that we would be back to check out another play place on a different day, I may have gone with that option. I think with the card, there is more flexibility on the areas you visit as well. I never really got the full scoop on those because I always just wanted the day tickets.

20170531_113513I have never seen a cleaner, more well-maintained play place anywhere in the world. That’s saying something, because the play places in Korea were pretty awesome! Before entering, I had to register each child with a name and phone number, and then the gate attendant gave us each a squirt of hand sanitizer and took our temperature to make sure no one had a fever. I thought that was very admirable of them. After a few times of going in and out to get water bottles, snacks, etc., it got old. I thought to myself, “Seriously, how much has my temperature changed in the last 2 minutes?!?” Policy is policy though, especially in China.  Many babies and young children don’t wear diapers in China, but diapers were required in the play areas and were for sale at the main desk. Socks were also mandatory and on sale for 2 rmb at the main desk. I neglected to bring socks the first time we visited, so I had to buy some! There were plenty of staff on hand to help clean up after the kids and operate the rides.

After several hours of playing, both boys decided to dress up. Landon made sure the outfits coordinated, and then they came out on stage and danced to the music pumping through the speakers. It was so cute to see Owen and Landon working together and wearing coordinated outfits and everything. It made my mommy heart happy! Also, I learned at Me Land that Owen knew how to count to at least two. He grabbed two fake cans of food and said, “Two Ba” for two cans or bottles. He did it several more times, and all I have to say is, I’m glad something is rubbing off on him as far as learning goes!

With all of the other attractions available, it is crazy how long Landon sat and played Legos during our first day at Me Land!


20170531_135934I thought Landon would be drawn to the bumper cars, but I think he just tried them once. Owen, on the other hand, kept running back to them. He could not steer them at all, but would drive his car around in circles or just sit there with his hands on the controls. It was funny to watch, but after awhile I tried to keep him away from that area so that other older kids could have a turn. For those interested in visiting, here are the activities included in the front play area: ball pit with slides and upper platform with tents, dress up and stage/performance area, building area, pretend play kitchen, grocery store and baby clinic, little cars to drive around, toy and book “chill out” room, bumper cars, train rides, and Legos. All unlimited, all day long for 108 rmb/kid.





The second time we visited, it was the day before we flew back to the United States. I typically try to schedule a really fun and energy-intensive activity the day before we fly so they have all their sensory needs met and get tired out before the long plane ride. Landon opted to go to the back of Me Land, which is a completely separate play area, also costing 108 rmb/kid for all day. This play area is more like the traditional kid’s indoor playground with a ball pit, slides, climbing tunnels, ball shooters, a trampoline, kid’s cars to drive around in and see-saws and little slides for younger kids. There was even a pirate ship! The boys loved the under sea theme and all of the activities. I invited our friend Aya to come play with us, and she was able to come right at the end for a half hour before we left. It was perfect timing because I was getting very tired after spending all day there! 20170620_162750

Aya jumping with the boys!

Along with the main play areas, there is an art center right at the entrance where there are art activities to do for a fee. I saw beading and color by number type things up there. Directly behind that area is a carousel. When I agreed to let the boys go on the carousel, I thought that it was included in the price of the front area ticket. Turns out, I had to pay an extra SEVERAL dollars for both boys to ride the carousel. They really know to take my money! In front of the ticket area is a water feature with a little winding river. I thought ti was just for decoration, but then I realized that for a fee, of course, we could fish for a goldfish with a mini fishing pole or net. Fortunately, Landon did not notice this activity! Deep in the play place away from the general public is a place for stroller parking and a locker area for valuables. This area is in the direct view of the gate attendants, so the belongings are well watched.


20170620_160249 I’m so glad I captured this memory on camera! Owen desperately wants to be a big boy. He wants to do everything that Landon does, but his strength and agility are sometimes not up to snuff. What he lacks in coordination he makes up in determination! He tried to push this ball up the ramp like the bigger boys were doing over and over again, even when it crashed back down the ramp every time. Finally, he pushed it up to the top, and was so proud of himself! I thought to myself that if it were me, I would have given up a long time ago! That ball was almost as big as Owen! But Owen just kept right on going until he accomplished what he set out to do.

My boys LOVED Meland. From the variety of activities in the front section to the awesome digging area and fun gross motor challenges of the back play area, they could visit it every day! It was a little pricey, but when you’re living in hotels and out of suitcases with limited room for toys and books, it’s worth it sometimes to let the kids be kids and play with different toys. I would recommend it to anyone visiting Zibo with kids!






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