Ni Hao from Qingzhou!

Hi Friends! I took a short blogging hiatus to spend time with family, and then right when I was getting back into my blogging groove, Austin got staffed to go to Qingzhou, China with under a week’s notice. We had to do our travel prep in separate cities- Austin in Chicago and myself and the boys still with my family in California. We met at SFO and flew to China together earlier this week. Considering the short notice and unusual trip prepping experience, I think we miraculously ended up with everything we needed. I still have so much to share about our time in Israel, but I just wanted to give everyone a location update. Qingzhou is in the Shandong province and is much smaller than any other city in China that we have visited. The people here are super friendly, and try to talk to me all the time, which is different than my last experience in China. People are more considerate than I remember as well.

We had an interesting experience yesterday when we arrived at the Weifang airport. Austin’s colleague was supposed to arrange a ride for our family + one of Austin’s co-workers from Weifang to Qingzhou, which is about an hour away. Well, we left the baggage claim area and discovered that the driver that he sent was driving a little VW Passat- which clearly does not even have enough seats for everyone, much less for all of our stuff. A guy was sitting in a nearby car and came out to try to help. He spoke a little English, and eventually offered to give us a ride. We put most of our stuff in the original pick up car, and our whole family got into a car with this other driver. Once we got to talking, we found out that this guy was a surgeon at a local hospital! He gave us his number and told us to call him if we wanted someone to drive us around to the local sights, and invited us for dinner with his family! He was so nice, and drove out of his way to deliver us to our hotel. We’re still not exactly sure why he moonlights as an airport pick-up guy/driver…


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