Hecht Park and the Haifa seashore!

IMG_4385 According to Austin’s co-worker, we are staying on the “pretty” side of Haifa. I think the whole city is gorgeous, with the buildings  built right up the sides of Mt. Carmel. We are staying by the west coast beaches of Haifa vs. downtown, so I would agree that it is quite pretty! Right outside of our hotel is a breakwater and beach with gentler waves, so we spend much of our time there. I’ll post about the beaches another day.

IMG_4390Along the west coast of Haifa is a wonderful paved walking/ running/ biking trail with plenty of benches along the way to stop and rest, and lookout points to pull over and take in the view. In some areas, the bike trail is separate from the walking path. One day during our wandering, we discovered a great shell collecting area of shore just north of the beach. The shore is quite rocky and I hoped to find some sea creatures living in the rocks, but we did not find anything except algae and seaweed. We did spot a big, clear jellyfish that had washed into the rocky pools. We did some research for our home school preschool to identify the jellyfish. We settled on a dustbin jellyfish, because of its size, shape and color. We have since found several on the beach! Anybody have a better idea of what kind of jellyfish this is?


The barrel, or dustbin jellyfish?
Exploring on the rocks (Owen was napping in the stroller)

IMG_4407We also discovered Hecht Park, which includes green grassy hills, a sport court, and a huge kid’s playground with some really unique and fun playground equipment! Located north of Leonardo Plaza between the seashore and Highway 4, it is a great picnic spot or a flat place for the kiddos to run around! It is accessible from two parking lots on either end of the park, by a path just north of the “Maxim” restaurant intersection along highway 4, or by going through a pedestrian tunnel from the shoreline path. Owen loves the wide webbed swings, normal swings, and slide. Landon’s favorite is the zip line and an interesting tilted, rotating circle. Israeli kids are so nice! They accept Landon into their play, try to communicate with him with whatever English words they know, and have so much fun.


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