Wisconsin’s State Capitol and Cheese Curds!

IMG_4122On our way back to Schaumburg from Cave of the Mounds, we stopped in Madison, WI for dinner and to walk around the capitol building. Now when Landon sees the Nation’s capital in the background on the news, he says, “It’s Wisconsin’s state capitol!” The building is pretty cool, and we had a good time walking around taking in all of the ornate details. This building was the third capitol building of Wisconsin, the 2nd being destroyed in a fire. It was built from 1906-1917, and has a tall statue on top of “Wisconsin” with an arm outstretched and a badger, the state animal, on her head. It was one of the first things we noticed when we approached the building.




We entered the capitol on the first floor at the handicap entrance. On the first floor was a small exhibit discussing the history of Wisconsin politics and the building itself, which was interesting but did not hold the kid’s interest for very long. There are guided tours available, and the snippets we heard from the tours seemed pretty interesting, but with hungry, restless kids a guided tour was not for us this time. The interior of the building was so grand! We peeked in the different judicial chambers and Landon got a coloring book. We chuckled a little at the prominent badger sculptures above all of the doorways.


Neat main dome ceiling

IMG_4131After a brief walk around the capitol, we headed off to find cheese curds. Austin’s main motivation for visiting Wisconsin was to find cheese curds, and so we went searching! It started raining, and so after wandering around a bit we settled on The Old Fashioned. From the outside, it looks like just a bar, but it is also a traditional Wisconsin food restaurant. The boys got mac and cheese and grilled cheese, Austin got his fried cheese curds, homemade delicious root beer and a burger, and I had a fish sandwich. Everything was delicious. If you’re in Wisconsin, GO THERE! GET CHEESE CURDS! It was the quintessential Wisconsin way to finish off our little day trip.



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