Denver Zoo with Grandma!

IMG_3592On an amazingly warm and sunny day for early January, we headed out to the Denver Zoo to see the animals and soak up the sunshine. Owen especially enjoys animals, but has trouble focusing on the animals if they aren’t moving. Luckily for him, the animals were out and about soaking up the sunshine- just like us! Because of shows like Octonauts, Landon is really interested in arctic and antarctic animals, as well as all the favorites- elephants, lions, bears, giraffes, cheetahs, rhinos and hippos. IMG_3597IMG_3598










Denver Zoo has a nice variety of indoor and outdoor exhibits so visiting on colder days is not out of the question. The boys both loved the komodo dragons in the reptile house. One of them was walking around, so we watched him for awhile. Our timing didn’t line up with any of the animal shows or talks except a fun sea lion show, but there are animal talks available throughout the day for everyone to learn more about the animals. I appreciate that this zoo’s exhibits seem to be larger and more of a natural environment for the animals. It may mean that the animals are harder to spot with plants, pools, and rocks, but the animals seem happier. 

IMG_3618Usually, we avoid things like the trains and carousels at the zoo because they cost extra, but Grandma treated us this time. It was cheaper to buy a bunch of tokens, so Grandma was going to split tokens with another lady in line, but that didn’t end up working out, so we had a ton of tokens to use. We all took a train ride around a small portion of the zoo, and then the boys rode the carousel as well. They loved the carousel! In retrospect, I would recommend the carousel over the train. We left the zoo with more tokens to use on our next visit!

IMG_3630 IMG_3621










Denver Zoo is a great activity for the whole family! There is a wide variety of animals to see and other activities to entertain the kids. In previous years, we visited at night during the holidays for Zoo Lights, where the zoo is all lit up for the holidays. Whether during the day or at night, the Denver Zoo is worth checking out if visiting Denver with kids!


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