Seosan Chrysanthemum Festival

IMG_1860 Seosan Chrysanthemum festival takes places in early November each year in an apple orchard outside of Seosan. To get there, we drove toward Haemi and turned south. Festival signs (all in Korean) and floating big balloons, as well as festival parking signs guided us to the festival. This website helped me figure out where to go to reach the general area of the chrysanthemum fields, then I just followed the signs!IMG_1864

We visited on a weekday afternoon, so there wasn’t much of a crowd. We entered through the chrysanthemum pillars and immediately found a booth with bunches of flowers for sale. Landon really wanted some, but I told him to wait until we were on the way out so that we didn’t ruin the flowers while we checked out the rest of the festival. Near the entrance, the main festival stage was empty while we visited, but it looked like they were setting up for acts later on that night. Landon decided to walk up the hill through the flower arch to start. It was a very long flower canopy! IMG_1868

IMG_1874Once we got to the top of the fields, we could see all the chrysanthemums that were still growing. My favorite rows had all different colors of chrysanthemums growing together, but there were also rows separated by color, and fields that were planted to make specific shapes. The field below was planted to make the shape of Korea! There were towers along the dirt paths so we could see the pictures better from up a little higher. I’m not really sure what everyone was doing, but it looked like all of the visitors were picking buds off of the yellow chrysanthemums. From this website, I guess chrysanthemum tea is antibacterial, lowers high blood pressure, and is used a lot in traditional Eastern medicine. Who new? While we’re on the subject of learning new things, I guess I did not realize what chrysanthemums looked like until this festival! They are a relative of the daisy.

Tip-toeing through the chrysanthemums!


About halfway up the hill were a few places of interest. There was a row of vendors selling various dried goods, linen clothing, and other typical festival-type items. We found a fenced off rabbit area with a ton of rabbits! They were everywhere. This was Owen’s favorite spot in the whole place. We all enjoyed watching them hop around for awhile. I love that Koreans find creative places to grow their gourds. This time, they were on top of the rabbit hutch!



Aside from the chrysanthemum fields, there were a few greenhouses close to the entrance that were full of beautiful flowers. A karaoke station was set up inside one of the greenhouse with live saxophone accompaniment! Apple orchards next to the flower fields seemed to be almost done with their apple yield but there were apples for sale at the festival!


Indoor greenhouse flowers

IMG_1897Before we left, we made sure to stop by the booth that was selling bunches of flowers. Landon picked up this bunch for 3,000 won, and it brightened up our room in Samgilpo for over a week!

If you’re in the Seosan area in November, check out the Chrysanthemum Festival! There were not any attractions here specifically for kids, but it was a great place for Landon to run around and admire the flowers. Parking was close by and easy to find with balloons and marked signs. Like many of the other festivals we attended in Korea, I would not travel from far away to come to this festival, but it is a fun way to spend an hour or two for locals.


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