Seosan Lake Park

IMG_0983 Situated in a hip area of Seosan, Korea, the lake park is a great picnic spot in the city. Around the park are a bunch of restaurants, cosmetics/skin care stores, and high rise apartment show rooms.  Along with a walking trail that circles the lake, there is a seasonal splash pad and a playground. Boardwalks span over parts of the lake, leading to an island with a picnic pagoda. There were giant lily pads and lotus plants growing in the pond, and groups of ducks that were fun to watch with the kiddos.

Enjoying the sunny day

It seems that most people visit the park to walk around the lake for exercise, but we often find young kids at the playground as well. We always bring some snacks or lunch for a picnic!

Pretty pagoda
Lotus plants and the apartment buildings of Seosan

If you ever find yourself with some time to kill in spring, summer or fall in Seosan, check out the lake park. There is a water feature synchronized to music in the lake, plenty of places for a picnic, and play features for the kids!

Flower blooming!

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