On to Nghi Son, Vietnam

After almost 6 months in Samgilpo, Korea, Austin’s latest project came to an end. We planned on spending the rest of the year visiting family in the United States, but Austin was immediately assigned to another project in Asia. We are headed to Hanoi, Vietnam tomorrow, and then on to Nghi Son, a small village 5 hours south of Hanoi, the next morning. I am very sad to not be spending time with family this holiday season, but excited for the new adventures and warmer temperatures that await us in Vietnam.

Confession: I am VERY behind on documenting our Korea adventures. We had a ton of prep work to do in order to get ready to go straight from Korea to Vietnam, so my hobby, this little travel blog, has suffered a bit. I am going to try to document all the rest of our Korea adventures, interspersed with our new adventures in Nghi Son. There are also some family travel tips posts in the works, so stay tuned for more adventures from the Wandering Browns!

We will miss cute Korean pajamas… who can resist boys in matching pajamas?!



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