Kkotji Beach of Anmyeondo

IMG_0104Two of my favorite things are exploring and beaches, so we set off to find Kkotji beach, one of the more famous beaches on Anmyeondo, on a beautiful Saturday afternoon. I was a little concerned because most of the pictures online showed the rocky part of the beach and the famous rock formations, but not many mentioned sand. I still decided to check it out because since it was one of the more famous beaches, I hoped it would have facilities, like bathrooms and a place to shower off. The Taean tourism website for beaches gives a good rundown of the area beaches and what to expect as far as scenery, but not facilities.

IMG_0106When we arrived, it was low tide and since we visited in September, there were no tube/umbrella rentals, and the sandy part of the beach was relatively deserted. There were tour buses full of people digging for clams and other sea goodies in the mud, but very few enjoying the water and sand of the beautiful late summer afternoon.


Owen had a wonderful time crawling around and eating sand. Landon frolicked in the water and explored the rocky area, climbing around on the rocks looking for tidepool creatures. All we found were little crabs scuttling from rock to rock.

IMG_0121 The rock formations were really different with pine trees on top. Because of all the puddles, I assume that much of what we climbed on is submerged at high tide. We discovered that there is a large sandy beach south of the parking lot, with a rocky section at the northern end. Sunsets are particularly picturesque from this beach, but we did not stick around for the sunset this time. Since it was a little late in the year for typical beach-goers, there was a coffee cart, a cafe, and some seafood tent restaurants, but very little else near this beach. The public restrooms were large but there were no showers- just a spigot for washing off feet. It seemed that most people come here at low tide to dig for creatures, as there are better swimming beaches elsewhere. I would recommend Kkotji beach for: sunsets, clam digging, and beautiful scenery. The water was warm, but there are beaches with better facilities and amenities in the Taean region. Our favorite is Mallipo beach.

View from the rocks to the sand

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