Sinduri Beach

IMG_8780 For my birthday the boys, our friend Teresita and I drove to the Taean area in search of a new beach. Sinduri beach is famous for having the largest sand dune in Korea. Apparently, it was formed after the last ice age. When I think of sand dunes, I think of very tall dunes. What we found was a medium-sized dune in height, but it stretched for a long way inland from the shore. There were plants growing in the sand, which made it hard to see when it ended. Since we were there for the water and not the sand, we did not venture too far into the dune area. We tried checking out the Sinduri Dunes Visitor’s Center, but it seemed to be under construction.

IMG_8781Since the dunes visitor’s center was closed, there were no bathrooms or other services near the dunes, so we headed back to the  beach area. Our conundrum was that most of the beach seemed to be privately held! There were hotel rooms and apartment-style vacation rentals built all along the shore. We drove the length of the beach twice before deciding to park in a lot next to a public restroom. The sidewalk to the beach was lined with beautiful wildflowers, and Landon paused to check out the little boy and girl statues in traditional hanbok dress in front of one the hotel lobbies. Another interesting sight to see here were the life-size dinosaur sculptures along the beach front. I’m not exactly sure why they are there, but they made my preschooler boy very happy!

IMG_8784To get to the beach, we had to walk down the driveway of one of the hotels, but we did not use their umbrellas or picnic tables and no one seemed to mind that we were on the beach. The tide was so far out there was plenty of beach for all who wanted to enjoy it. There was also a free outdoor shower area for washing off the salt and sand.

IMG_8786The west coast of Korea is very tidal. Depending on the location of the beach along the shoreline, the tide can go out very far, with a wide expanse of flat sandy/muddy beach left behind. Such was the case on this day. The downside is that the sand close to the water is very wet, and I’m always concerned about our stuff getting caught when the tide comes back in. Because it is so flat, the tide comes in fast! In our past few beach excursions, I have learned to come closer to the water, because otherwise we all end up trekking a very long distance through the sand from the water to our stuff. The tide doesn’t really come in THAT fast.


IMG_8793Because it was a hot day, and there was a large area of wet sand exposed, the water was evaporating and making this weird fog-like layer between the dry sand and water. Owen had a blast crawling all over the beach and getting super sandy. Landon made dribble castles to his heart’s content. We all enjoyed cooling off in the water. It was a great birthday.


IMG_8823Sinduri beach would be a great place to go on a weekend getaway. Rent a hotel room or vacation rental right on the beach, and enjoy the slow pace of life here. Make sure to pack a picnic if coming here on a day trip, because there are many restaurants and convenience stores available compared to other beaches in the Taean peninsula. Beach access is limited to a few area because of the hotels and vacation rentals, so be sure to park near one of the access points to avoid a trek. We love the beaches of Taean!



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