Anmyeon Beach


The island of  Anmyeondo is separated from the Taean peninsula by a narrow channel, and connected by a bridge. The beaches of this area are famous for amazing sunsets, although we did not catch the sunset when we visited. The sheer number of beaches on the west coast of Anmyeondo are overwhelming. I perused this site (in Korean, use Google Translate!) when trying to pick a beach to visit. I could not really see the differences in the pictures, so we went to plan B- drive along the coast and stop when we felt like it! Ideally, we were looking for a beach with showers and some restaurants. What we ended up with was a beautiful beach with a convenience store/shack, paid showers, and a campground hose to wash off with. It was a great afternoon.

IMG_8504When driving along the coastal road, each beach is well marked with a brown sign. We pulled off a few times to check it out, and were actually planning on continuing on to find a different beach, but a parking lot attendant stopped traffic on the highway to allow us to cross the road to the parking lot, so we felt obligated to stay. Parking on the same side of the highway as the beach is reserved for those with campsites. Day beach-goers have a separate parking lot across the road, right by a public bathroom facility.

IMG_8514This beach was not very crowded, which was nice. The campsites and convenience store are shaded by pine trees, and this is where many families set up camp. The sand was soft, and the scenery was gorgeous with pine trees and hills on either end of the beach.The man renting umbrellas gave us the “foreigner special” at 15,000 won for the afternoon, but there were no posted rates, so it was hard to call him on his price gouging with our non-existent Korean! The tide was out pretty far, and to our delight, the water was the perfect temperature- not too cold, just cool enough to be refreshing. The water was fairly calm, and Landon had a blast swimming around without getting cold.



The nice thing about the tide going out so far is that Owen and Landon have a large area to play in the mud. Owen loves to splash in the puddles, and Landon loves to make sand castles and “dribble” castles- as he is doing with Austin in the picture below. We found snails and hermit crabs in the sand, held Owen as he splashed in the water, and had a grand time!


Koreans have different beach activities. Some families bring pails and shovels and dig for creatures (I’m assuming to eat?) Others bring nets and containers and try to catch the little fish that swim in the surf near shore. The kids often have an inner tube a piece to float around in the ocean, and lots of sand toys to make all sorts of creations. We are often the only ones sitting in the wet sand getting completely filthy. Landon is also one of the only children actually swimming with goggles in the ocean. We just go all out I guess!


Yes, we are the weird foreigners that didn’t bring a tent to the beach!


All too soon, the afternoon got away from us and it was almost 5:00 pm! When I was washing off as much of the sand as I could in the still-retreating beach waters, I found a starfish on the bottom of the sea! Of course, I had to run in and show it to Landon and all of our friends, before returning it to its home. Can every day be beach day?


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