Fun at Mallipo Beach

I love going to the beach. Something about the water, the sand and the sun- it is so relaxing to me! That being said, I’m thrilled that we have a car and can go to the beaches a bit further away from Samgilpo any time I want.

IMG_7627Mallipo Beach near Taean was our first sandy beach experience of this Korea trip. Located in Taeanhaean National Park, it combines the best of Korea- the sandy beach with beautiful pine forests coming to meet it.  It is about an hour from Samgilpo, and involves driving on little roads, so it ends up taking longer to get to from Seoul than Daecheon Beach even though it is geographically closer. This beach was hit by an oil spill over five years ago, so it is less popular now than it once was, but it seemed nice and clean when we were there. I could tell the sand was newer and trucked in to the beach, as it was an interesting texture. Speaking of sand texture, Owen loves playing in the sand! He spent the whole time digging, tossing, eating, and face planting into the sand. Fortunately, he also enjoyed the water for washing off!IMG_7631

This beach has all the amenities you could want in a beach and more! The showers and sinks for rinsing off as well as nice restroom facilities are located near the large white sculpture that signals the end of Highway 32, so don’t make the same mistake that I did and park far away from this central location. There are tons of beachside seafood restaurants, a small carnival, and a zipline at the northern end of the beach. Tubes and umbrellas are available to rent, although we went before vacation season, so we didn’t have anyone bugging us to rent an umbrella!IMG_7634

The pitch of the beach is very subtle, so the water is  shallow for a long distance from the shore. Because of this, the tide goes out fairly fast and far at low tide. This makes it super fun and safe for the kiddos, as the waves are too small to knock anyone over or drown anyone, but it makes it less fun for the California girl-bodysurfing-loving mommy, who would love some real waves to ride. Maybe someday…


Landon loves the beach! He plays in the small waves, swims around, digs in the sand, runs around like a crazy kid, and builds sand castles and dribble castles. He is really in his element, and it was hard to get pictures of him in action when I was also trying to keep Owen from eating all of the sand at the beach, so the picture below is one of the only pictures I got of just him:

I think the beach had just had a sand sculpture contest, because there were big piles of sand on one part of the beach, surrounded by sinking sand. Landon was light enough to just run over the top, but adults definitely sank in up to knees or even upper thighs! He ran there when we were trying to get him to do something, or corral him. It was kind of annoying. 

IMG_7653 We had a fellow road wife and friend come with us on our excursion. She helped so much with Owen when I had to corral Landon. It’s so much easier to explore with a helper! Thanks, Teresita! Owen appreciated his sand time with you!


IMG_7684We packed a picnic lunch, although there were a plethora of restaurants to choose from, as well as convenience stores to get snacks. After lunch, the tide had quickly gone WAY out, and so Landon ventured out to build a dribble castle. The tide goes so fast that it leaves ridges in the sand that hold water, so we didn’t even have to find the water’s edge to build our castle. I underestimated how much Owen would love playing in the little puddles of water. He scooted himself around on his tummy and splashed away. He was not phased by the water splashing in his face! I have successfully created water baby #2!




My beach boys! We’ll be back, Mallipo beach… probably more than once before it gets too cold!


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