Sunny Samgilpo Shots

IMG_7614 This summer in Samgilpo, the temperatures have always been pleasant- between 65 and 85 degrees. The weather and visibility changes day to day, though. On a typical day, it is quite hazy, making it hard to see the islands off the coast and the far-off mountains and apartment buildings. When it isn’t hazy, it’s usually raining. Every once in awhile, though, usually after a rainstorm, it is sunny and clear. Oh, how we love those days! Here are some snaps I took on one of those golden afternoons. IMG_7615


IMG_7595This lighthouse is a 10 minute walk along the coast from our pension. Unfortunately, the boys are getting up between 5 and 5:30 these days, so their bed time prevents us from enjoying the waterfront together as a family after work during the week. There is a giant crane barge docked at the port, and if we’re lucky, we catch it in action! This is one of its attachments, pictured at left:


These fishing boats are a floating fresh fish market. I think the process is thIMG_7579at if you want a fish, you climb aboard the boat and they kill it and cut it up into thin slices of sashimi right then and there. A little stand sells lettuce and red chili sauce- the usual things to accompany this meal. On the weekends, the rocky “beach” area on either side of this dock is packed with weekenders enjoying their fresh fish. I hope to buy a fish from the dock one day, but we’ll take it and cook it! I think my Korean needs to get a little better first, though.

Looking out into the sea from by the sea wall
Sea wall flood gates- I’ve seen them open once, after a big storm.

I’m not sure what the natural landscape of Samgilpo looked like before the sea wall was built. Samgilpo is definitely protected and defined by the sea wall.

Across the water is the other part of the sea wall!



Looking back at Samgilpo from the lighthouse as the sun went down, I couldn’t help but reflect on how blessed we are to be here. Sure, it stinks that it is a 30 minute drive to the nearest supermarket. I would love to have some parks within walking distance, but it is worth it. The sea is therapeutic for me and for Landon and Owen. We dig in the sand, gather shells and sea glass, and bask in the leisurely pace of life here. All of my runs have gorgeous views and include play time for Landon. Because there are no hotels here, we are living in a place where I can make our own meals for the first time on an assignment. The stars really aligned for us on this project, and we couldn’t be happier with the location!


This was my view on another clear day as Landon and I played on the shore while Owen napped in the stroller. We hope to go on a ferry to visit these islands off the coast- specifically Nanjido beach- this summer!


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