Daeho Seawall

Jutting out from our small fishing village of Samgilpo is the Daeho seawall. According to a local tourism website, this seawall is one of the longest in “the Orient”. I’m not sure what constitutes “the Orient,” but it is about 2 miles long, and connects Samgilpo to a former island. The wall is an “L” shape, and I think most people just admire it from Samgilpo, or perhaps fish or clam off of it, but us Americans exercise on it, as it is one of the only running routes around here that is flat.





The first few hundred yards on the wall are very bare before yellow wildflowers start to decorate the path. With the sea and the flowers and the constant breeze, it makes for a pleasant, albeit sunny place to go for a run.



Construction is taking place along the road next to the wall, so we had to stop and watch the construction trucks for a few minutes. I also admired the views of lakes, greenery and rice fields on the other side of the wall looking northeast.


When we started off, I did not know how long the path would continue, or where it led, so I was pleasantly surprised when I made it all the way to the buildings pictured below. Since I had already run over two miles to reach the end, I did not continue on, but some day we will explore the small village. I have read that we can take a ferry to Nanjido Island (white sand beach!) from the village. I’m excited to explore further later on!

IMG_7172 From the wall section opposite Samgilpo, I took some shots of our sweet little village. It is different, but not hard living in such a tiny place. I love the variety of outdoor environments and activities to enjoy, as well as our accommodations (kitchens and a wonderful house mother for the win!) IMG_7183


One of our biggest triumphs of this adventure was finding a little stretch of relatively clean IMG_7195sand where Landon can play. It is at the corner of the sea wall, so it also happens to be where a lot of trash washes up, but Landon had a blast digging in the sand with his trucks and being an “ocean scientist” taking “water samples” in shells he found on the beach. Shout out to our friends, Oscar and Emily, for introducing Landon to Octonauts. He loves learning about all the different sea creatures and has been pretending to go on missions in a submarine!


The seawall afforded us great views all around, including of the Winchest Golf resort located on another mountain close by. I’m not sure how playable the course is since the entire thing is built on a fairly steep hill! Also, the new, big fancy road under construction can be seen in the photo below.


It is often hazy here, and the day started out pretty hazy, but by the time we were headed back into Samgilpo, it had cleared up considerably! We’ll definitely be frequenting the sea wall, and its little beach this summer!


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