Exploring Samgilpo- The Port and the Shore

Exploring the area around where we are staying is something Landon and I both love to do. We don’t typically have access to a car during the week, so our explorations are somewhat limited to things within walking/running distance. These adventures typically start out with me asking Landon which direction we should go. He likes to run alongside me for about a half mile these days, before he gets tired and sits in the stroller.One day, I ran on this barely two lane road that hugs the coastline on the northeast side of town. The lush green vegetation grows right down to the road, so it is a very pretty run. The road is fairly deserted during the day- there is a very small group of houses about halfway to the port, but that’s it. Austin thought that the road ended, so I decided to just run as far as I could and then turn around. Well, over two miles in, we reached refineries and the road signs said we could run to Daesan (the nearest town to Samgilpo) so we turned around to explore around the port area. We came upon these huge ocean buoys covered in barnacles in a field. Landon was fascinated with the barnacle shells, and we had to come home and learn about them afterward. The port itself was closed off and secure, but we could still watch the big cranes loading cargo ships from the other side of the fence.

On our way back, I had promised Landon he could spend some time throwing rocks into the water, so we stopped at the shore in town. We discovered these scary looking sand crabs and Landon threw rocks in the water to his hearts content. There is something so therapeutic and relaxing about being by the sea and the nice sea breeze.  Even though we’re in the middle of nowhere, there is so much to do outdoors that we have kept busy going to different areas of town each day this week! We love Samgilpo!


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