Lincoln Park Zoo

We headed into the city to visit Lincoln Park Zoo with Auntie Em. This zoo on Chicago’s North side is located right next to the lake front- so check theIMG_6259 weather and plan for it to be a little windier/colder than away from the lake. My favorite part about this zoo is that it is run entirely on donations-it is free! Parking in the parking lot nearest to the main entrance sets you back at least $20, but there is very limited parallel street parking across Fullerton Avenue where I have found open spots on several occasions. Free zoos are the best! No paying a huge entry fee and then stressing about making the most of your visit- just go and enjoy what you can and get out!

IMG_6264For being a free zoo, Lincoln Park has some amazing exhibits and animals. For cold or stormy days, there are indoor African, small mammal and reptile, monkey, ape and big cat indoor exhibits. In the children’s zoo area, there is a great indoor area with a big play structure for kids to climb around. Auntie Em and I loved the otters- they were so playful during our visit. We decided we would like to be otters!

We had  a great time reading the informative placards and watching the animals. Landon’s favorites this time around were the monitor lizard and the gorillas. He continues to pretend to be a monitor lizard any chance he gets!IMG_6267IMG_6270

Landon just had to get a picture with this old truck turned food vendor. He loved this indoor play structure pictured below. Please note that this is geareIMG_6274d toward kids 2-3+. We saw a little guy get scared and stuck inside of this climbing thing and it is almost impossible for adults to get in. After several minutes of struggle and crying, he finally emerged but was very sad about life.

I love this  bear exhibit. The bear likes to sit in this hollow “tree,” and it just so happens that there is a viewing window so we can look in at the bear resting mere inches from our faces! IMG_6283

The hippos were really active when we walked through the Africa exhibit. It was neat to see them swimming around and coming up to the glass!

We love Lincoln Park Zoo! If we lived closer, we would be there all the time!There is a new macaque exhibit that is really neat, and they are currently redoing the polar bear and penguin exhibits, so the zoo continues to improve. Check it out!





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