Magical St. Joseph, Michigan in Winter

This Christmas, we traveled to the southwest coast of Michigan to stay together with family at a big vacation rental. Our rental was only a short 20 minute drive from St. Joseph, Michigan. This town is absolutely magical and perfect in the summer, so I was curious to see if I thought differently during the winter

Although it was colder and less pleasant to stroll along the sidewalks and window shop in the many boutiques and specialty shops, there were several stores that we enjoyed perusing including a toy store set up for kids to explore, and Kilwin’s, a local candy and ice cream store that prides itself in its caramel apples and homemade ice cream and fudge. Because of the weather, many in our party tried the salted caramel hot chocolate, while I went for a caramel apple- definitely large enough to share!

With a three-year-old in our group, a stop at the historic Silver Beach Carousel was a must! There are a small children’s discovery center, an event space, a gift shop, and a small exhibit about the history of Silver Beach housed in the same building as the carousel. Although this carousel is not the original one from 1910, the horses and other animals are hand carved! It was delightful to watch the carousel in action and spot the dinosaur and ostrich along with the traditional carousel animals. Around the edges of the circular building , there was a model train and city exhibit all dressed for the holidays. A very loud automatic organ played for about half the carousel ride, then they turned on holiday music for the other half of the ride. Carousel rides are bought with tokens, 1 ride for 1 token. Tokens are $2/each or 3 for $5. “Helpers” of toddlers and kids are free. This was a wonderful way to spend some time indoors since the weather outside was nasty when we were there.




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