Camping in San Simeon State Park, California

A boy, a stick, and a tent
This is where I grew up!

While in China, we read a book about camping. Ever since then, Landon has begged me to take him camping. During our recent trip to California, I was finally able to take my boy camping, with help from my dad, mom and sisters. My adventurous dad was enthusiastic about taking a 3-year-old on his first camping trip in two years, and booked a campsite at San Simeon State Park. My mom and I tagged along for the night, and went home to sleep in comfy beds. I just didn’t feel like sleeping on the ground 7.5 months pregnant!

This campground was situated just on the other side of Highway 1 from the beautiful coastline. It is walking distance  to the beach from the main campground, and about a mile from the Washburn primitive campground, where our campsite was located. There is a nice boardwalk and access to the beach by walking under Highway 1, so no need to cross the highway once inside the campground to reach the coast.

The primitive campground did not have water available, but did have restrooms that were clean and well-stocked. The lower campground has showers, water and more amenities for RVs. There seemed to be mostly RVs in the campground when we were there, with a few other tent campers. The campsites had picnic tables and fire pits.

Aunt Hannah and Landon, the fire truck
Kite-flying boy
My happy place…
Building castles with Aunt Claire!

After setting up our tent, we drove down from the campground to the beach to fly kites and enjoy the sunset over the ocean. It is no fair that this is so close to where I grew up, because now I compare everywhere we go to this gorgeous, relatively untouched area of California and it doesn’t measure up. It was almost too windy for our kite to stay up, but Landon did get to take a small turn flying it before it tumbled out of the sky for last time.

We enjoyed hotdogs and french fries fried over the open fire (best french fries I have ever tasted!), and of course, s’mores. Landon did not appreciate the stickiness of the s’mores, but was more than happy to be fed his after-dinner treat.


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