Shanghai Sunday Afternoon Strolling

IMG_3744 IMG_3743IMG_3735

IMG_3729Our long, hot day of walking all over downtown Shanghai Saturday left us tired out for Sunday. We took an easy morning, went to church, and then took the metro over to Nanjing road for some lunch. I wanted to visit Yuyuan gardens near the City God temple, but by the time we got there from lunch, it was almost time to head to the train station. We walked through the Old Shanghai area and enjoyed the lily ponds and old style architecture. This area is a GIANT tourist trap, with tons of souvenir shops and tourists, so it was hard to quickly navigate back to the Yuyuan metro stop to get back to the train station. When we make it back to Shanghai, hopefully in cooler, more comfortable weather, I think we could spend the better part of a day on the garden and Chenghuang temple complex, as well as Old Shanghai. Until next time, Shanghai!

One of the narrow corridors full of shopping that we had to go through to get to the entrance to Yuyuan garden


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