Riverside Sushi

The spread

With an adequate amount of food up in the Marriott lounge to feed us at dinnertime, plus a toddler, we don’t get out to eat much. However, we ventured out to a new sushi place in Ningbo- literally a minute away from our hotel- to celebrate with Austin’s co-workers. Situated right on the river between the new 1844 shopping area and the Marriott tower, we have watched this place take shape over the past few months. Encircling the restaurant is a lit moat and waterfall that set the mood from the moment you approach. Tastefully decorated and featuring very comfortable arm chairs, this was a restaurant we wanted to return to immediately! The servers were very helpful in getting our big group into a seating area quickly.

Birthday boy on the left, and farewell dinner recipient in the middle with the mountain of food!
Salmon roll

We were celebrating a birthday and a farewell as Austin’s Japanese co-worker was returning to Japan. We let him order for everyone and he selected a wide array of sushi and other Japanese foods for us to sample. I tried a tempura fried potato stuffed with meat, salad and veggies that were delicious, and pork cutlet with flavored rice. I’m not a huge fan of eating raw fish, and I have an adequate excuse at the moment because I’m pregnant. Austin has recently discovered that he likes sushi, so he tried salmon sushi with salmon eggs on top as well as spicy rolls, avocado rolls, plain tuna and salmon sushi with rice, along with many others. He was very adventurous with trying all the different rolls! Yanoki-san took the opportunity to teach everyone the correct way to eat sushi. To flavor with soy sauce, take a sliver of ginger, dip it in the soy sauce tray, and then paint the soy sauce on the fish part of the roll. This ensures that the soy sauce does not soak into the rice and ruin the bite with saltiness. We pre-fed Landon in the lounge but even if we hadn’t Riverside sushi had a wide variety of fried noodle and rice dishes that he would have loved. With it being so convenient to visit, we want to return later to try the udon noodle soup, one of my very favorite foods!


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