Grand Hyatt Shanghai

The Grand Hyatt is located in the Jin Mao building- the shorter skyscraper in the middle with the pointed top

The Grand Hyatt Shanghai is located in the top floors of the Jin Mao building near the Oriental Pearl Radio and TV tower. When it was built in the 1990’s, it was the tallest building in China. Nearby towers have since surpassed it in height, but it was easily the highest hotel we have ever stayed in. Our room was on the 68th floor, the lounge was on the 85th floor, and we went swimming on the 57th floor. The lobby is on the 53rd floor! The views were incredible from each of these locations, and the service was impeccable. When we checked in, the guest services person in the lounge asked if we wanted a baby crib for Landon. We affirmed that we did, and he called for one only to find out that they had already placed one in our room! One night was not enough in this awesome hotel!

The “continental” breakfast in the lounge was more delicious and had more variety than most full breakfasts offered at hotels in the U.S. We enjoyed made to order eggs, a variety of breakfast meats, pastries, fruit, juices, cereal, and yogurt. Of course, the most impressive part of breakfast were the views out the windows of the lounge.

Room with a view…
View of the atrium from the top
View of the Pearl from our room!

One unique feature of this hotel was the hollow interior and large atrium. The atrium extended all the way from the 53rd floor up to the top. We had no idea this was here until we went down to the pool and walked around the circumference of the building to get there. Our room was right off of the elevators so we didn’t realize that this beautiful atrium was around the corner! A piano lounge and bar are down at the bottom level of the open area and as we walked around walkway of the 85th floor, we enjoyed the jazz music floating up thirty stories! The acoustics were actually pretty great!

Sky pool with floor to ceiling windows along one wall

When I saw that the “sky pool” was on the 57th floor, I knew we had to check it out. Although there was no jacuzzi in the shared pool area, there are whirlpools in the individual locker rooms that we did not have time to check out this trip. The pool was fairly chilly for Landon, but he enjoyed playing on the “rafts” or kickboards, and climbing up and down the multi-level pools. The main lap pool had three lanes and was deep all the way across, while the small shallow pool and water fall were perfect for Landon to wade in on his own. Although smaller than most Hyatt hotel pools we have been to, we will give this one a pass because of the amazing views while swimming and that it is in a tall, skinny tower!

I love seeing my boys playing together!

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