Shanghai Lights- Shanghai, China

Brown Boys on Nanjing Road

There are only a few options for crossing the river in the Bund area of Shanghai. You can take a water taxi, the Bund sightseeing tunnel (for too much money) or metro line 2. We opted for the metro as we had day passes that were significantly cheaper than the sightseeing tunnel. We walked Nanjing road to the line 2 metro stop and enjoyed every minute. Much like the buildings along the river, Nanjing road was lit up with all sorts of multi-colored lights, and it had cooled off making it more bearable to be outdoors. The crowds and late hour deterred us from walking around more, but as the central street of downtown, it was worth the few minutes we spent there.

East Nanjing Road from the Bund
The Oriental Pearl from the Grand Hyatt
The Pearl and the Bund

After a long day of walking, lines and crowds, Austin and I limped back to our hotel room. We discovered that me in my pregnant state and we both in our older state with a toddler could not do as much trekking around and sightseeing that we had pulled off in the past. Our feet and backs ached and we both just wanted to collapse. The view from our room on the 68th floor of the Grand Hyatt Shanghai perked us up, though, long enough to snap some photos and enjoy the view of the Oriental Pearl all lit up against the Shanghai skyline.


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