Tianyi Square- Ningbo, China

Tianyi Square- this looks creepily like an artist’s rendering, but I promise I took it!
Landon said, “Look, mom! A tabernacle!- for picture at right

Tianyi Square is the main square surrounded by shops in downtown Ningbo. There are fountains, some interesting bronze sculptures of jazz musicians, and tons of retail stores. The Walmart-like supermarket called Tesco is there- we go there a lot! Right now, the roads from the river where our hotel is located to the square are all torn up with road construction, but it looks like it will be gorgeous when they are done- they will have rivers flowing along the road with trees and landscaping.

A famous church?

Landon acquired a balloon walking through the shops

 I’m sure at night Tianyi is all lit up and very lovely, but we have not seen it at night yet. In the main area in the middle of the square, different pop-up shops are set up. One that we caught before the typhoon probably destroyed it was a sand sculpture exhibit of famous landmarks from around the world. The first few times we walked past, it was not open yet, but last time, it was and we snapped some quick pictures. I was impressed and amazed that Landon didn’t try to destroy any of them! The artistry was amazing, and we found out that the whole reason for the big display was to sell hiking shoes!

This square is on every “top things to see” list in Ningbo. Don’t get me wrong, it is pretty nice, but unless you’re into shopping in over-priced stores it is just a square. I personally would rather see many of the other sights of Ningbo, and I just pass through here to give Landon some run around time without cars before we go to the grocery store. 


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