Phone captures wandering around Ningbo- Ningbo, China

Ningbo Grand Theater from across the river
When we’re out and about doing errands, I rarely take our good camera, so when I come upon something interesting I just take a snap with my phone. Here are some recent phone captures: 
Ningbo Grand Theater is really quite grand!

I unintentionally walked a really long way out of the way to make it to Sun Lake park. It was so worth it, though! One whole section of the park were little pagodas, boardwalk paths over lily ponds and streams, and lots of shady trees. Landon loves racing around the paths like Lightning McQueen, and digging in the dirt with his trucks. Next time, we will bring sand toys and swim suits for the swimming beach!

Water lilies at Sun Lake Park
Sun Lake
Boardwalk path right before we spotted some frogs!
I love water lilies!

During our rainy week, I was desperate to find somewhere for Landon to let off steam. We ended up at an indoor play place in a nearby mall. I was impressed with the quality of equipment there, and the variety of things to do. Landon loved the ball pit the best, although I found he was being quite aggressive with some of the kids. He was able to reign it in by the end- I think he was just SO EXCITED to be somewhere new!

In the balls
The dump trucks were in high demand in the “sand” area
Water blob! So fun!

Another rainy day, we couldn’t take it anymore so we went outside in our rain coats and explored a new part of the city! There was a canal that fed into the river that was overflowing with all the rain. Landon was confused as to why the walkway was underwater! To reach this submerged walkway, we passed over a neat bridge. There were boats you could take out (in better weather) and I promised Landon we would go paddleboating someday when it was not as rainy.

Cool bridge
Where is the walkway?
This train front was part of a very expensive popsicle stand
On our last hurrah before the typhoon, we walked/ran down the river side trail all the way to the dam. Landon walked quite a ways back from the dam looking for a kid we ran past who had a cement mixer he was playing with. Oh, the power of searching for kids with toys!
Landon and the dam

I love the river side trail. There are beautiful trees, grass, landscaping, different trails for bikes and walkers, and it’s just more peaceful and serene. Plus, I don’t have to worry about Landon being run over by cars and scooters, just scooters down here…

River side trail
Landon wanted to see what was beyond the dam. This is what we found. More water, and a cool bridge in the distance!

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