Landon and the Cicada- Ningbo, China

Eyeing the cicada…

After the typhoon, we went to Moon Lake park to get all the wiggles out. Landon spent most of his time “fishing” with sticks in the flooded lake. As he neared the end of his attention span with his fishing game, he asked me why the fish weren’t biting. I told him that he didn’t have anything on the end of the stick that fish liked to eat, and that the stick was probably scaring them away.

Next to Landon’s fishing spot was a giant cicada, obviously dead. I pointed it out to Landon and we talked about its different body parts. Landon was very curious about the wings and legs of the giant bug, but was pretty nervous about getting close to it. I explained that the very loud motor noise in the trees were cicadas singing songs.

The cicada and the pine cone

I tried to explain to Landon that this cicada was dead, that’s why it wasn’t moving. Landon sweetly started throwing leaves at it. I asked him why he was throwing leaves. He said he was putting leaves next to it for its breakfast when it woke up. It was adorable. He ended up gathering a pine cone, several different leaves, and a rock to offer the cicada for breakfast. I hope the cicada liked his offering!

Landon checking out the bug

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