Schaumburg Boomers’ Baseball Game- Schaumburg, Illinois

We stay way out in the suburbs when we’re back in the Chicago area, so it’s a good hour at least to get into the city to do anything. We contemplated going in to the city to a Cubs or White Sox game, but after looking at the schedule of our local independent league team, the Schaumburg Boomers, we opted to drive 10 minutes instead and enjoy some baseball! We sat on the lawn on the visitor’s side and Landon spent some time watching the bull pen warm up. He terrorized a little boy playing catch with his dad until the boy let him join in. He played with and lost his brand new hot wheels car. He watched a teensy bit of the game. He ran away at least 5 times to try to get into the bounce house play area. We didn’t let him because it cost $5 and we were there to watch baseball, dang it! We got out of it by telling him he could play there when he’s older.. 
Hanging on the grass
Climbing the railing,,,

Later on in the night, Landon was on the jumbotron with a bunch of other kids singing “Take Me Out to the Ballgame!” After that, an unsuccessful potty trip turned a little disastrous when Landon ran under the legs of a teenage kid, tripped, and scraped up his knee and the top of his head. I guess he had so much momentum in his fall that he scraped up on his head above the hairline, and scraped a pre-existing scrape pretty badly. I was surprised he got over it as soon as he did. 
The Boomers were playing the Lake Erie Crushers, and the Crushers had a few great innings and ended up winning. After the game, the Jesse White Tumblers performed. Landon immediately began doing more somersaults and practicing his tumbling when he got home. I guess it’s time for a funny story. When we looked at the schedule, I told Austin we should go Saturday because they were giving away replica rings and Jesse White tumblers… Austin just laughed and pointed out that the Jesse White tumblers were a performing group, not a cup with Jesse White (Illinois Secretary of State)’s face on it. Oops. We had a great laugh over that one. After the tumbling performance, there was a fireworks show! This was the first fireworks show Landon has seen since he could really take it in and talk about it, so that was super fun! It was very close to us and loud so we covered our ears. He loved all the different colors and patterns. 
Getting ready to run the bases. I’m in teal, Landon is in yellow
Following fireworks, Landon and I raced to get in line for running the bases. It was already WAY past Landon’s bedtime, but he really wanted to run the bases so we headed over. Thankfully, the long line moved quickly and soon it was our turn! Landon did a great job running, and I wanted to make sure he knew that he was supposed to tag the bases so you will see him in the video going back to tag the bases at 1st and 2nd base. It was fun running with him! After we were all done, Landon wanted to run the bases again, but it was definitely time to get him to bed. He cried loudly the whole way home saying, ” I DON’T WANT TO GO!” He even invented a reason to go back- Landon had lost my hair tie in the grass. I told him it was OK that we lost the hair tie, and that made him cry even more. “NO MOMMY! WE NEED TO GET YOUR HAIR TIE!” He’s so sweet. 

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