Temple Square with the Family- Salt Lake City, Utah

Enjoying the fountain with Aunt Riah

We traveled to Salt Lake City the first weekend in May for Austin’s sister, Emily’s graduation from the University of Utah. After a few weeks apart, Austin was reunited with Landon and I and we are so glad to be back traveling together! On one of the days, we had a free morning and Austin and I attended the Salt Lake temple, and had Austin’s parents and my sister, Mariah meet us at Temple Square to show Landon. Landon loves to see temples, and I knew running around Temple Square would be a great way to get the wiggles out after the long car ride from Denver. 
Landon loves Grandpa Jim and Grandma Ev!

The Browns at Temple Square!

We went to the visitor’s center and Landon loved the replica statue of Angel Moroni. He also liked looking at the smaller scale model of the temple. We missed Emily, who was finishing up her finals before graduation! Temple grounds were beautiful- with some tulips still in bloom and other spring flowers coming in. It was cloudy and cold at first but when the sun came out it warmed up quickly. Mariah was our photographer and Landon wrangler and it was great catching up with her. We talked about her cruise, new job, apartment hunting, and life! I can’t believe she’s so grown up!

In front of the temple doors

Soon after I took the picture below, Landon popped behind Grandma and Grandpa and shoved their heads together. It was cute, but I’m sure it did not feel so good to be on the receiving end. That’s when we knew he was done with pictures…

Landon’s face!

Landon always saves his best smiles for the 3-generation Brown boys shot!
Lovely poppy, using my macro setting

After tons of running around, Landon seemed tired and a little hungry, so we decided to head back to the car. On the way, we were passing by the tabernacle, and a free organ recital was just beginning. Since we had just come back from Europe, and Landon loved looking at the organs in the churches there, I just had to show him the Tabernacle organ. He was duly impressed, but we only stayed for one song because he was tired and hungry. After a quick stop to see the giant Christus statue at the visitor’s center, we headed back up to our house for lunch, nap and to prepare to go to Emily’s commencement ceremony!

Tabernacle organ!

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