The Hague LDS Temple- Netherlands

Mom and Landon out front
Family temple pic!
On a rainy, blustery day, Austin and I took turns attending The Hague LDS temple. There we learn more about our purpose here on earth, as well as about our Savior, Jesus Christ. It was great to be reminded of the important things in life and feel of the peace that prevails in the temple. Before going in, we took some pictures out in front. This temple was only one story and in the middle of a residential area in a suburb of the Hague. The parking lot was shared with visitors to the suburb’s city center, and I think most patrons and workers parked in an underground parking lot. We had to ring a doorbell to get inside since we parked in the community lot! 
Close-up family pic

I love walking around the temple grounds with Landon. He notices the little things like flowers, bugs and rocks, but also loves to point out Angel Moroni blowing his trumpet. He loves the temple and even got to go inside (to go potty) and was thrilled!

My precious boys!
Temple from the back

My favorite part of the decor of this temple were the stained glass windows. They were fashioned to look like water and were just gorgeous. The blue theme throughout was unique and breath taking. We love the temple!


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