Grand Place – Brussels, Belgium

Pretty gold!

From the Easter service, we wandered through the charming streets of older Brussels until we reached Grand Place, the main square of Brussels. It was a beautiful and impressive square, with building facades accented with gold. With limited time in the city, we were happy we picked this square to see!

Boys in the square

This square is the historic main square of Brussels- so it includes the “Maison du Roi,” or King’s house, and the city hall. Around the other sides of the square are guild houses of all different types of merchants. It was the center of trade in the city for many years.

King’s house- also known as the Bread house

The King’s house is now used as the City Museum of Brussels. Inside the courtyard of the city hall, there were sculpture and flower gardens that were so picturesque. We tried to get some good Easter pictures in front of the flowers, but two-year-olds are not known for their patience with picture taking, so we just had to try our best.

Landon, statues, and flowers
Mom and Landon with the flowers
Round 2 with flowers

Because the square itself was not very wide, it was very difficult to get a pictures of the whole city hall. The tower was too tall! The photo below will have to suffice!

City Hall

This epic building was across the street from our hotel. We had no idea what the building was, but turns out it is the Brussels Stock Exchange building!

Brussels Stock Exchange
Stock exchange 2
Stock exchange from across the street

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