Delfshaven- Rotterdam, Netherlands

I love turrets- this was in Rotterdam
Delfshaven was one of the last must-see things on my list for Rotterdam. This part of the city was spared from the bombings during WWII, and so it has the look of other old European cities instead of the new, modern downtown Rotterdam. Landon fell asleep, so I wandered through the streets enjoying the beautiful canals and old buildings. 
Pilgrim Church
Delfshaven old buildings along the canals

I stumbled upon the one thing I did want to locate within Delfshaven- the Oude Pelgrimvaders Church. Englishmen who left the Anglican church left England for the Netherlands before deciding to seek their fortunes and religious freedom in America.  In this church, some of the original Pilgrims met for the last time and knelt in prayer before boarding the Speedwellbound for Liverpool. From there, they joined the English pilgrims aboard the Mayflower and other ships headed for the New World. It was not a big or elaborate church, in fact it was very small. There was a plaque on the outside marking the building, but other than that it was quite unassuming. As I walked along the canal right outside the church, I could imagine the Pilgrims looking for religious freedom walking from the church onto the boat and into the unknown. What courage that must have taken to leave everything behind, with no real knowledge of what was to come!
Back of church with flowering trees 
Statue of a naval hero
After taking in the canals and a statue of a famous naval hero from Rotterdam, I stopped by a gelato shop and enjoyed sitting outside the café, eating a gelato while Landon finished his nap. It was a great relaxing way to end our last day of sightseeing in Rotterdam.
Delfshaven canals

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