Natural History Museum- Museumpark, Rotterdam, Netherlands

Enthralled with the lizards
On a bad weather day when I did not want to travel to a further away city, we took the metro in to Rotterdam to check out Museum Park. The Natural History museum seemed like a great place to start. It was small enough that Landon appreciated each exhibit, but large enough that he still got some wiggles out indoors. 

Main room
Upstairs view

With entrance to the museum, a free audio guide was provided in the language of your choice. I thought it would be more about specific specimens or animals in the museum, but it was a talk about biodiversity in general. 

Landon and woolly mammoth bones

Upstairs was a special kid’s education room. Although it is set up for classes to come in and be led through it by a docent, we were able to figure most of the exhibits out. The coolest case had bones of wooly mammoths, saber tooth cats, and other prehistoric animals. I had a great time teaching Landon in 2-year-old terms about fossils. We looked at fossil shells, eggs, and footprints as well as bones. I think he understood some of it.

Perusing the fossils
The final rooms were all fossils and a full elephant skeleton. Everything was in Dutch, so at first I thought perhaps it was an incomplete woolly mammoth skeleton. Then I looked at the plaques on the wall and turns out this elephant skeleton is one from an elephant that lived at the zoo and died in the 1990s. So it is not that old. Landon liked the metal ring around the exhibit and raced around it over and over pretending to be Lightning McQueen. That seems to be his favorite game these days.
It seemed that there were several rooms under construction changing exhibits. Overall, I think it was a good morning diversion, but not something I would go out of my way to see if I had limited time in Rotterdam. Of the museums in Museum Park, this might be one of the most kid-friendly museums.   
Full elephant skeleton with Lightning McQueen

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