Louisiana’s Old State Capitol

Old Louisiana State Capitol
Huey Long liked his buildings new and modern. Obviously this castle-looking state capitol did not cut it and so he had the new capitol building built. I was planning on just admiring the outside, going to lunch and moving on to our next activity, but Landon rushed inside before we could stop him. I’m glad he did!
This side looks like a cathedral
This gothic structure looks like what I think a Medieval castle should look like. Or a cathedral with the gorgeous stained glass. This building was originally built in the 1850s after the state capitol of Louisiana was moved to Baton Rouge. It was used as a prison and garrison during the Civil War. While being sued as a garrison, it caught fire several times and by the time the Civil War was over, it was just an empty shell. In the 1880s it was renovated and the stained glass dome and spiral staircase were added. It was used a the state capitol building until the new state capitol building was built in 1932. 
This was my favorite feature- stained glass dome
Ornate upstairs with Senate and House chambers
House chamber with stained glass window

Cool doors!

There was a neat alligator exhibit that we briefly looked at. Landon liked it. I did not know that there were American crocodiles and American alligators. The crocodiles only live in southern Florida, so anything we see here are alligators. 

Sometimes it’s tempting…
Senate chamber with balcony

This building had so many cool features and exhibits that we could have spent several hours exploring (sans toddler). It changed looks over the years, but still had historic charm. 


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