Louisiana State Capitol

Louisiana state capitol building
Downstairs elevator bank with golden doors

This 30-story art-deco tower was also a creation of Huey Long. He wanted the capitol building to be iconic and different, and I’d say he delivered on both of those things. We came in on the bottom floor because Landon was asleep in the stroller. The elevator bank was really neat down there, and it was just a foreshadowing of what was to come!

Once we got up to the first floor, we were wowed by the main room. It had a display with every flag ever to be flown over Louisiana- which is a lot of flags from many different countries! The ceiling was really neat as were the marble accents.

Main front hall

Unfortunately for Huey Long, he was also assassinated in the building that he had built. He was a Senator and had amassed lots of political enemies. An area doctor rushed him as he left an office in the back hall of the main floor of the building, and shot him in the side. The doctor was immediately killed and riddled with bullets from Huey’s bodyguard and others  in the area. Huey was taken to a local hospital and passed away the next day. The spot where he was shot was marked in the hall way, and there was a display case full of newspaper clippings, pictures and recreations. He was only in his 40s when he died.

Back out in the foyer, I admired the columns and trim around the ceiling. We saw the House chambers and the Senate chambers which were very ornate. 

Main entry hall

Brass doors leading into the House chambers
Ceiling of House chambers
Columns of Senate chambers
Ceiling of Senate chambers

This ceiling was made from Celotex, which is made from a product that is a byproduct of sugar cane grinding. There were symbols of Louisiana throughout, including cattails and pine cones.

Senate chambers

Senate chambers column

After admiring the main floor, we went up the elevator to the observation deck. It was up 28 floors and the elevator was actually pretty fast! The tower is 34 stories tall total. The view of the Mississippi was pretty awesome!

Mississippi from the tower
Capitol park from the tower

Out in front of the tower is Capitol Park. At the center of the circle is a giant statue of Huey Long, and he is actually buried there as well. I guess that is fitting considering his ties to the building.

This is what Austin calls “money”
The Capitol building from Capitol park
Huey Long statue

Building detail
Top of the tower
There were many neat details built into this building. It seemed each level and part of building had a different relief or carving that just made it super interesting! My favorite part of exploring the capitol building was being able to do it with Landon asleep in the stroller! We could take our time and talk to each other, it was magical. 

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