LSU stadium and Mike the Tiger, Baton Rouge, Louisiana

LSU stadium
We arrived in Baton Rouge with enough time to do a little something, so we decided to check out LSU’s campus. I knew that there was a tiger there because I had visited about 15 years ago, so we set out to find Mike the Tiger and check out the gigantic football stadium. This stadium seats almost twice as many people as BYU’s stadium. It was truly huge. 
BIG stadium
Sleeping tiger
Too Scary!
Landon fell asleep on our drive over, so we drove around the stadium a bit, and then we found Mike the Tiger. He was right across from the stadium! When I visited campus so long ago, Mike the Tiger was living in a cage. His new habitat was much nicer and he was sleeping in a corner trying to keep out of the bitter cold wind that was blowing. We layered up to take some outdoor shots, but quickly retreated to the car with the heater on. Landon was not amused with the wind, although I think he thought the tiger was pretty cool when we woke him up to see it. Austin wanted Landon to ride on the tiger statue, but Landon said that was “too scary!”

Landon’s so happy to see the tiger… or he might
just be cold!
Look at all the Mikes!
Turns out that there have been six “Mike the Tigers”. I saw a different Mike last time. The first tiger was brought to campus in the thirties and named after the athletic director that helped bring him to campus. The first few tigers died of pneumonia. One was retired to a zoo. The current Mike enjoys a bigger exhibit with a pool and rocks. 
Mike’s enclosure

Leaving campus, we heard the bells chime in the bell tower. I loved all the buildings of the main campus- they just had this timeless look. We decided that although BYU is doing a better job of creating amazing buildings, there were a few years there that they made really ugly buildings, and they don’t have enough space to expand and have a much bigger student body. As the sun went down and we headed to Chipotle, I just had to get a picture of this iconic bell tower and the beautiful live oaks that surrounded the campus.

Bell Tower
Live Oak touching the ground!


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