Frostop Diner, Baton Rouge, Louisiana

This sign was calling to us!
Landon’s post-rootbeer face
We were searching for a place to eat lunch in downtown Baton Rouge when we drove by this place with a giant rootbeer mug out front. We decided we needed to go there for lunch. We had poboys and rootbeer and everything was yummy. The rootbeer was pretty sweet, but had a little bite at the end that made it just delicious. The mugs started out frosty from the freezer and you could take your mug to the counter at any time for refills. They had the rootbeer on the soda fountain machine but you could tell it was homemade. I had the catfish poboy and it was so much better than the shrimp poboy I had! It was spicy and crispy and the bread was not too thick. The furnishings were shabby and it could be described as a hole in the wall, but it was very busy the whole time we were there. 
Yummy rootbeer
Thanks, Frostop, for the rootbeer

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