Lake Charles, LA Children’s Museum fun

Landon the fireman- I think the jacket was so heavy he could hardly move!
Austin had to go into work very early in the morning on his day off, so Landon and I took off in the morning to give him some nap time. We had actually attempted to go to the Children’s museum earlier on in the week, but it was closed because for “inclement weather”. That inclement weather was it being 35 degrees outside and having a chance of the bridges icing over. I thought that an inside activity was perfect for that day, and Landon was crushed when it was closed. Anyway, second time was the charm and we thoroughly enjoyed our time there! 
Sorting his crab catch!
The museum was housed in a downtown historic three-story brick building. The first floor was definitely Landon’s favorite- all of the pictures came from this level. The 2nd level had a model train town (but we could not get the train to move!) and lots of physics and science experiments. Landon enjoyed brushing the teeth of a giant teeth model with a giant toothbrush, much more than he enjoys brushing his real teeth. We enjoyed playing in the bubble room making giant bubbles. Landon is at an age where when he sees something he wants to check out, he will just take off without making a sound. This happened to me several times at the museum where I would be picking up a room, or playing with bubbles, and turn around and suddenly he’s not in the room with me anymore! Thankfully, there were not very many patrons in the museum while we were there, so I found him easily every time. 
Catching crabs in a net
The third floor had an art room, an inflatable crawl through maze, and a reading room where we read some books. Landon is just really into books right now! It was nice to take him somewhere where he could just run around and explore without having to worry too much about him doing anything naughty or against the rules. I think he had a blast!
Here are some of his favorite activities: 
– Crab fishing/sorting: This was a neat tribute to the local culture/industry. There was a talking pelican that talked about the marshes and bayous in the area and all that they give to the people around here. Then Landon got to hunt for crabs for himself, and then sort them into different colors and types on the back of the boat. He did this several times and thought it was the best. 
Boating in a canoe!

– Grocery store/kitchen: Every prior time at a children’s museum, Landon has tried to eat the food in the grocery store. This time, he was just super interested in putting items in his cart, ringing them up at the cash register, and going over to the diner to make me lunch! He filled his cart with fake bread, and put some fruit and veggies on top until it was overflowing. He ended up cooking me bread and bacon for lunch and even serving it to me on a plate. He is such a chatterbox lately and was talking the whole time about his cooking process and what he was doing. It was really cute to see.

Cooking me lunch

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