Montana de Oro Tidepools, California

One of our last full days in California, Landon and I escaped to the coast to enjoy the Montana de Oro tidepools. I have fond memories of coming here often growing up, and again wanted Landon to experience them.

In Atascadero, it was foggy and cold. As we drove over the coastal range, it actually got more sunny and warm! It was a beautiful drive and day down on the coast. Landon decided after about two minutes of walking on the trail that he wanted to be carried. My exercise for the day was trying to take some pictures while balancing a heavy boy on my shoulders.

Once we got to the tidepools, Landon was a little freaked out by the waves coming right up to the tidepool rocks. I carried him out as far as I dared go and was able to set him down and show him a few things. There weren’t as many creatures as I’ve seen before, but we were still able to see sea urchins, lots of hermit crabs, anemones and sea snails. One of my favorite things that I’ve done since I was a small child is stick my fingers in the middle of anemones and feel them close around my finger. Landon definitely did NOT want to try that. He wouldn’t even hold or touch a hermit crab, no matter how much I begged and coerced. So he admired the creatures from afar. He kept telling me they were too scary. Maybe next time.

This expression perfectly captures Landon’s
mood at the tidepools

Then we went to lunch at Firestone’s with Aunt Net the Great in San Luis Obispo! The food was fantastic as was the company. Shout out to Aunt Net for lending me her vehicle which gave me the freedom to have adventures while my parents were at work.

Playing with new camera toys… except I put the wrong thing on the wrong lens and this happened…


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