Overcast Beach Day- Avila Beach, California

Avila Beach is always #1 of places to go when I’m back in California. Austin and I visited Custom House restaurant New Year’s Eve for an amazing dinner, but I had not been back during the day. We just HAD to go. 
Avila Beach tends to have wonderful weather year round. It was a little chilly and cloudy, which made getting in the water less desirable for me. Coming off a few months in the tropics, I had my fix of bodysurfing there in warm water and did not want to freeze in the 56 degree water of the California coast. The only remaining option then is to build a sand castle, so Claire, Grandpa and Landon got started.  

This boy loves to dig in the sand!

I was certain that Landon would not want to set a toe in the cold water, but I put him in his board shorts anyway in case he accidentally got wet. You never know with toddlers! Because it was a little colder, I wanted warm long pants and jacket for him to wear afterwards.

Grandpa Doug and Landon

Austin received some new camera toys for his birthday, so I tried some out along with different settings for capturing the movement of the water. I wish it had been a little sunnier to get the different colors of the water like in my elephant seal beach pictures. Really, I wish I had brought our nice camera to the elephant seal beach, but I guess I’ll survive. 

There were a few waves, just not enticing enough to brave the cold!

After awhile I decided I should take pictures of people, too. I love this picture of my parents. They have been married for 31 years, and they still love each other!

Landon is not pleased to have to pose with mommy
Being silly in the sand
Oshkosh model?

After sand castling, Landon is used to going to the water’s edge to wash his hands off. I had him take off his jacket and shirt to make sure they did not get wet. Well, the kid decided he did want to play in the sand after all! I was very surprised that he wanted to play. The beach had a sudden drop off of a few inches due to the winter waves and storms, so Landon would wade out to his ankles, and then suddenly be in up to his hips. Aunt Claire took one for the team by going with him and making sure he was safe. Aunt Claire is the best!

On the shore…
Off the ledge

Finally Landon figured out he was actually cold. Good thing I had warm clothes and a towel ready for him! It seemed like he had a lot of fun at the beach and playing with Aunt Claire in the water. We hope to be back in Avila as often as possible- hopefully on a nice and warm sunny summer day!

Finally cold and ready for the towel


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