Five Year Anniversary Getaway

Happy guy half way up the mountain
After spending 24 hours a day with my son, excluding one two-hour adults-only dinner in Bali for three months while in Indonesia, it was time for a break! Austin’s main birthday present from me was a ski getaway without Landon in the Rockies. Austin selected Arapahoe Basin ski resort to go skiing, and we found lodging in nearby Dillon, Colorado. We drove up from Arvada on the day after Christmas. We were expecting tons of snow in the mountains because the metro area of Denver received over a foot of snow. When we got up to the ski resort, though, they had only gotten 3 inches. 
At the highest ski resort in the Rockies situated right over the Continental Divide, stands the Arapahoe Basin ski resort. There is one beginner hill and mini lift, and then a few green beginner runs and blue runs up the quad lift to the middle of the mountain. After a morning re-learning to ski, Austin and I went up to the top of the mountain. All of the runs up there were intermediate or advanced, and very steep. The snow was so light and fluffy with a few patches of ice. Austin had a blast skiing on the slopes that he skied on growing up, and I tried not to die on the mountain. 

We had lunch at the middle of the mountain both days. They had the most ridiculous sweet potato fries with a sweet, savory sauce on the fries. I had chili both days to warm me up because it was SO COLD on the mountain. The first day it was in the teens, and the second day it was -4 degrees F at the base and colder up the lift. Ouch on my fingers!
We are happy to be childless for a night!
We enjoyed a nice dinner at Dillon Dam Brewing Company and restaurant. Austin got bison kabobs and got a salad because after living in a place where I can’t eat salad, that’s all I want to eat. We had a little problem with our nacho appetizer so they comped us the appetizer! Yay!
Our hotel had an indoor and outdoor hot tub- we tried both. Outside the steam from the hot tub was freezing and blowing back on us, so we enjoyed our ginger soda and came back inside as soon as possible. I finally felt warm after spending some time in the hot tub and shower. 
The next morning, it was VERY cold! There were rainbows everywhere as we watched the sun come up over the mountain. I recorded the temperature for safe keeping, and for proof that I love my husband so much I will ski in the bitter cold with him for our anniversary. 
Arapahoe Basin from the base
Rainbow in Dillon


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