A Beach Morning in Cilacap… in pictures

Getting brave…

Once upon a time I told Austin we should walk to the beach instead of taking a taxi. I had walked there before and didn’t think it would take too long. 2.5 miles later, we got to the beach, but Austin was not in the mood to get all sandy and wet after hiking all the way there in the heat. So he became the official photographer of our beach fun. Also, Landon got over his fear of waves and bodysurfed for the first time in the wave fluff! It was a momentous day and I think all beach trips are going to be much more fun from now on with our fearless toddler!

Running away from the wave!

Letting waves crash over his legs…
Building a sand castle

The last few times we have gone to the beach, Landon has been super afraid of the waves, and doesn’t want to go near the water. In contrast, he loves the pool. This time, he came down to the water to fill up his watering can almost immediately, and did the run away from the wave game really well. After awhile, he just decided to go on his belly and let the waves push him in towards shore and drag him back out. He had a blast!

I was trying to hard to be that “cool” parent who would just step back and let their toddler explore the ocean, but I admit that in this instance, I was a bit of a helicopter mom. Landon doesn’t really know how to swim yet, but is very comfortable with the water. He took a few waves to the face and got covered in sand, but other than that he came out unscathed!

Mom to the rescue!
Big waves, sunshine, this picture captures the joy that is the ocean!
The waves here look menacing, but are so fluffy it can be hard to actually catch them. 
Since we had packed along our camera, I decided to document some of the sights I have been seeing regularly as Landon and I wander around Cilacap. I love the boats here. The colors of the boats themselves, along with all the flags that are constantly waving in the wind- I am going to have a picture of these boats in my house one day. The pic below was taken from a bridge going over a canal. About a block in from the beach/harbor there are canals. Some of the fishermen that live along the canals drive their boats through the harbor access point and park right outside their house. They unload their fish and some process it right on the side of the canal. Some fish are sold frozen/cold, while others are processed for drying in the sun. 
Fish drying in the sun
These ladies were processing the fish getting it ready to be dried. 
Ship building- they still use wood!

The harbor with more multicolored boats

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