A Mommy’s International Flight essentials

My carry-on bag for international flights is my diaper backpack. I set aside some room for diapers, wipes,  snacks, and an extra outfit for my toddler, and use the remaining space to bring a few things for myself on board.

Here are my favorite essentials to bring on a LONG flight:

– Individually wrapped (or a small package) of antibacterial hand wipes. I picked this up by reading other travel blogs. I wipe down every surface around our seat that my toddler to conceivably touch or lick. For super long flights, a little peace of mind goes a long way.

– Ibuprofen, homeopathic motion sickness meds and dramamine : headaches happen. Occasionally with turbulence I get motion sick. I start with the homeopathic motion sickness meds and if they don’t work, dramamine will do the trick!

– Children’s tylenol and Peace and Calming essential oil: These are for my son for his ears (tylenol) and to help him fall asleep after the initial excitement wears off from being on an airplane.

Buy it here

– Nice eye mask/eye cover: My eyelashes hitting the edges of an eye mask bug me. So I got one that has extra eye space and it makes all the difference for getting some sleep in the coach airplane seats!

– Travel neck pillow: Everyone has their favorite. Our family had 3 before we started traveling, or else I probably would have bought an inflatable one. I use a memory foam pillow that I pack into my backpack in a space bag (the rolling kind, not the vacuum kind). Another comfort for trying to sleep in the air.

– Face wipes: Between baby wipes and antibacterial wipes, it would seem that face wipes would be too much. I have never felt more gross than I have getting off an overnight super long flight. Face wipes refresh my face and help me feel less gross when we land.

Mini toothbrush pic cred here

– Mini toothbrush: I am partial to Scope mini brushes because they come in a cute little package with toothpaste already on them. I can use them from the comfort of my seat instead of wedging myself in a stinky airplane bathroom. They are also on the list of things that helps me feel less disgusting and dirty when we land.

– Chapstick: Airplanes dry out skin, especially my lips. Try going on an airplane without lipbalm- it is torture!

– Headphones- I just prefer to bring my own, and mine came with a handy carrying case to prevent tangling and getting lost in the bottom of the bag.

– Reading material- With the amount of traveling that we do, I prefer to just read things on my tablet. Now, sometimes my Kindle app won’t open books without internet, and I always seem to forget to go online at the airport and boot up the app so that I can read on the airplane without buying the overpriced wifi. So if you are using an e-reader app on a tablet or laptop- load it beforehand or succumb to watching 8-10 hours of movies and TV shows!

I’m sure there are hundreds of lists just like this one depending on individual needs, but these are my essentials that add to my quality of life while flying. What are your travel essentials?


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