Whale watching in San Simeon

San Simeon coast
Whale! way out there!

Throughout our 2nd week in California, I kept hearing about the whales that were visible from shore near San Simeon. My last day in CA, we were able to go investigate after my sister got home from school. Although we didn’t see anything like this, we were able to see some whales far out from shore through our camera lenses and binoculars.

I just want to set up my tent right here and stay forever!

Aunt Claire and Lando!

Landon liked the idea that we were looking for whales because his favorite stuffed animal is a whale. However, I’m not sure that he saw any whales. The whales were feeding on an upwelling of sardines or some other type of school fish so it was easy to follow where they would be. There were tons of birds flying around and feeding on the school as well!

Kisses from grandma!
It’s a little dry in CA right now!

After seeing the whales at a vista point along Highway 1, we decided to see if any were hanging around the pier. Well, there were not any whales by the pier, but there were incredible views and the colors of the ocean were insane. I love the beach! I love the ocean!


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